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Christmas Tree Farm

Our Christmas Trees

Frasier Fir Tree

These trees have great fragrance with dark green needles that are silvery underneath. Good needle retention and a pyramid-shaped, strong branches which turn upward.

Frasier Fir Tree

Norway Spruce Tree

Keep them well watered for good needle retention and enjoy this traditional Christmas tree which is dark green and has a strong fragrance along with a great conical shape.


Scottish Pine Tree

It is probably the most commonly used species as a Christmas Tree in North America and Great Britain. The needles are variable in length, ranging from 1" to 3", and colour is likewise variable with rich tones of fresh bright and lush deep greens.

scottish pine.JPG

Lodgepole Pine Tree

A low needle-drop tree with beautiful tapering branches that rarely lose their needles if well hydrated.  The needles are green/yellow in colour. The traditionalists Christmas tree.


Douglas Fir Tree

Probably the strongest scent of all Christmas trees, very popular in the USA. A true fir with great shape but a little harder to decorate with baubles as usually much denser.

douglas fir.JPG

Nordmann Tree

This is the most popular Christmas Tree in the UK as it has excellent needle retention with lush dark green needles. They are symmetrical trees with strong branches, great for displaying ornaments.


Blue Spruce Tree

Beautiful, unique blue colouring, needs watering well and has good stiff branches, great for hanging heavy decorations. An ideal small or second tree.

blue spruce.JPG
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